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Some must-try PSN game tricks

To make the most out of your PSN and to get full control over your gaming console you must know certain PSN game tricks. These tricks can make you understand better handling of the gaming console and will let you unleash the true potential of PlayStation games and their consoles. These tricks work on every PS consoler whether it is PS Vita, PS3 or PS4 or any other as well.

So take a look at some of the trick mentioned below and when these tricks are combined with code psn gratuit you get an unlimited gaming experience with unlimited access to PlayStation Network online store.

  • Password protect your user account

Your siblings may share your gaming console and every time you log in your account you see some changes already made in it. Bet it is annoying as hell. But you can avoid this problem by password protecting your user account. Just go to settings and then select option passcode management. There you can set password for your user account and can save any kind of trouble form the trespassers to your gaming console.

  • Use your phone as your console

Sometimes the controls on your console cannot be that great and for having a trouble free gaming experience the foremost requirement of every gamer is good console keyboard. To avoid this hassle you can use your phone as your gaming keyboard. All you need to do is connect the PS app and click on the keyboard symbol at the top of screen to enable the mobile-keyboard option. Moreover this PS app is easily available for both iOS and Android platforms so there is not even this issue.

  • Remember the controllers

For a PS user it can be hard to know which player is currently in control as there are four different combinations of color lights blinking on different time basis. Though you can remember the order which this light follows, which is blue for the first user, then red for the second user and then green for the third user followed by pink for the fourth user. But with all the focus on the game this can be difficult to keep in mind therefore you can go for an alternative way to remember the controllers. This better way is remembering the face buttons on DualShock in the clockwise order. Yes you can check it now and never fail to remember the controller ever again.

So with these tips you will surely get a better gaming experience with your PS games.

FIFA 15 Hacks To Get Unlimited Money And Desired Player

Building a perfect team in FIFA 15 requires patience, coins and clear strategy. We have come up with some of the great fifa 15 hack to make your journey through the game much easier. Unfortunately the cheats and hacks available for fifa 14 doesn’t work on fifa 15 but there is another hack that can get you unlimited money and allow you to sign any player you want for your team.

Just follow these simple steps to hack your way through the game:

Go to customize, then from the options select Edit team. From the Edit team screen select the club transfer option. Now select your team and navigate Club transfer page. You can select any team it doesn’t matter. Now go to search and carry on detailed search. In the detailed search select min overall and increase the Min Overall to limit to keep just a little below the Max Overall like 85-90 and search.

The search result will come up with the list of the elite players in the FIFA 15. For example if you want to select Messi from the list, then transfer him to another team. Do the same for other players also. Now go back to the game and start a new career. From the option Manager Career and Player Career, select manager career. In the manager career profile, select the same team to which you have assigned the name of the elite players. Now in the career setting chose “Squad Used” as “Current customised”. A pop-up will say that current customised are not eligible for leader board. Select ok and you will move to Manger Preferences page. Click on the advance, it will take some time to load and you will be in as Manager. Now in the profile go to default team sheet. In the team sheet select a location and view the reserve players available. There you would be able to find all the elite players you have selected. Now go to sell players and add the players to the transfer list. From add to transfer list select offer a new contract. Do the same for all the top notch players you have. Now move to email and read all the emails and accept offers.

Now go to finances and you will be able to see a stack of cash waiting for you. You can use this cash to buy new players or extend contract of previous players. Now from the budget allocation page change and allocate the budget as per your choice. You can go back to your game and you will see that it has not affected your game. You got your money, you got your players and your game still remains intact.

Actually the trick is to go to the custom menu to transfer some of the best players over to a club which you are going to choose to play with your career. So, this trick only works for you if you want to start your career from the scratch.